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Charles “Charlie” Bailes IV is a husband, father, entrepreneur, fitness expert, speaker and so much more. He’s a geek and an athlete. A writer and an avid reader. Charlie is the ultimate “holistic professional”- pursuing everything with a desire to dive ever deeper into each facet of life.

Charlie has served in several executive positions in his family’s 4th generation, multi-million dollar family business- ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and co-founded CB Supplements, a booming supplement company that specializes in multi-collagen protein products. His experience as a leader both as an executive in an established business and a start-up entrepreneur provides a fresh perspective on the challenges professionals face to find balance.

Charlie believes that human potential is limitless and approaches every challenge with a “why not?” perspective. He iS driven by the desire to remind people that they have the ability to overcome obstacles and to motivate them to break through them. His motivational message is packaged for instant application to drive results for individuals and organizations alike.

You Can't Have a Healthy Business Without a Healthy You

Charlie’s fundamental belief is that everyone deserves the tools to face their obstacles, set their own direction, choose how they spend their time, and prioritize their health.

These guiding principles are the foundation for every presentation and message he delivers.

Why Not? Approach obstacles with a ‘why not’ perspective while remembering that people are powerful and limitless and you’ll find more creative, innovative solutions.

Intentional Leadership. Lead on purpose, with purpose.

Simple, Not Easy. Commitment and hard work can take you most of the way there. It may not always be easy, but it is simple.

Run Through The Wall. There are going to be obstacles. Turning around is not an option. Run through them.

Success at work, with your family, and with your health all start with the same thing the right mindset.

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Feeling stuck? Are you facing an insurmountable obstacle? Charlie's high-octane, motivational messages are packaged for instant application to drive results for individuals and organizations alike.

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Looking for the ultimate hype man for a podcast interview? Charlie brings an incredible outlook and a thirst for knowledge to challenge you and your listeners to identify and break through their walls.


A veritable renaissance man, Charlie writes a bit, too. Follow Charlie's blog for insights on growth mindset, leadership, and wellness and how to develop the discipline to balance it all and live your life.

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