Challenge Your Audience to Breakthrough

Motivational speaker, business executive, & entrepreneur who’ll take your listeners deep into the mind of an achiever.

Balance & Breakthrough are two sides of the same coin.

Charlie Bailes believes every person is capable of breakthrough.

But it requires discipline, hard work, and a passionate dedication to balance in every aspect of your life. If you are looking for a podcast guest who brings enthusiasm, a thirst for knowledge, and a fresh perspective on life to your listeners, Charlie is your guy.

His experience as an executive in a multi-million dollar family business, an entrepreneur in his own right, and a self-proclaimed health “nut,” make him a fascinating guest for any interviewer.

Getting in Touch is Simple

1. Celebrate!

Acknowledging the frustration is the first step to breakthrough.

2. Let's talk.

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3. Start the journey.

Transformation is the long game. Start putting you obstacles in the rearview mirror with a fresh perspective.